Selling aircraft YAK42D VIP, 1993 release, the beginning of the flights of 2006

Salon for 43 seats (11 VIP and 32 Business)

Plaque 4300 hours

The aircraft was produced in 1993 by the Saratov Aircraft Plant and has an assigned resource of 35 years.

The only Yak-42A (A-administrative) is the experimental model, with others, in contrast to the Yak-42D, improvements, incl. And the bigger the main entrance door at the cockpit.
The main differences are: Modified navigation complex, APU TA-12 instead of TA-6V, release of spoilers in flight by 15 degrees, the more detailed intermediate positions 10 and 30 degrees, enlarged left entrance door.
In 2006, the salon was re-equipped to carry VIP passengers.

Контакты: +7 (916) 992-48-84
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