A few words about us

We are glad to welcome you at the Flyboard.info pages!

«Flyboard.info»is one of thecompanies aimed to make every effort for the cooperation of all interested individuals and legal entities.

Everyone who is interested in the development of aviation technology can publish and get access to the published ads for free.

Flyboard.info is a project oriented to the transparent cooperation of the customer and supplier.
(Only civil aircrafts, helicopters for commercial and civic organizations)
Any questions, suggestions and remarks regarding to the development, we please to sent to our email address flyboard.info@gmail.com

The cooperation

In the case of cooperation, the companies group is ready to provide a reliable and well-established work.

We use the global application tools and thanks to the reliability and convenience the company is able to achieve a significantly reduction of the commercial and financial risks of the trading processes.

We are ready to offer an accompanying repair services on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Post-Soviet area for our foreign customers.
We elaborate the exclusive partnership programs.
An individual approach to every set task.

To crown, we can say – the group of companies is ready to offer a comprehensive solution of obstacle problems which are related with flying designed machinery functioning.
“Our attitude to the customer is characterized by transparent cooperation”!
Honesty is a quality that is a distinctive element in our relations

We please to sent all letters on e-mail flyboard.info@gmail.com

We offer “group of companies”

  • A competent, responsible approach to the taken commitments.
  • Evaluation, the help of implementing your inventory items.
  • At your request our specialists can provide the service in supporting of the order, from the search of required prior to the delivery on the warehouse.
  • Services of your crafts and equipment selling in the segment of civil aviation
  • Providing the aviation enterprises with spare parts and assemblies for aircraft, produced in the CIS countries, both in the annual supply plans, and one-time applications.
  • The organization for works related to repair, maintenance, upgrades, improvement and conversion of aircrafts, repair and restoration of aircraft units.
  • The logistics of the specialist cargoes with their full documentary support.
  • The delivery of raw materials for the production of aviation technical applications.
  • The organization of financial risks insurance of the contracts.
  • Our purpose is to help you in providing and maintaining equipment, its airworthiness (a segment of civil aviation) with a high quality in a short time.

We please to sent all letters on e-mail flyboard.info@gmail.com

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